Periscope what?

I enjoy social media. Most of the time I’m not actually being all that social, but I like to see what everyone else is doing. My favorite is Instagram and Twitter, which I’ll talk about another time, but the other day, on Twitter, I watched a Periscope broadcast. It wasn’t live, but I was intrigued by it. It was two actresses waiting to be call out on set and were just goofing around, doing a Q&A for their fans. Anyhow, I decided to go check Periscope out. I downloaded it to my phone and went looking through the live feeds. I discovered that people will live stream about ANYTHING!! Seriously though, I saw people cutting up fruit, sitting by a lake just talking, little league baseball games, people doing drugs, concerts, people walking their dogs, lots of guitar playing, piano, and singing, and some people just sitting around with nothing better to do than talk to their phone. Someone was even asking if his viewers wanted to watch him pee, because he had to go. I left that stream, no thanks, guy.

I was just amazed by it. Fascinated and entertained even by some of the most stupid stuff. Not sure what exactly that says about me, but I guess I just find it interesting to see what others are doing. Of course, most of the lame stuff I don’t stay to watch. One thing I found that was pretty cool was watching people do pottery. They make some really cool things and it’s neat to see how the stuff is made. I will say, it brought back some Ghost memories (the movie, of course).

Last night I watched a few concerts. Gwen Stefani, Guns n Roses, and some others that I wasn’t quite sure what they were. I was entertained. So now, I find myself wanting to stream something. I was thinking that maybe I could stream me doing plastic canvas. Maybe like a teaching sort of thing. I don’t know. I haven’t fully decided and I don’t even know how to do it yet. Might start with something stupid like watching my dogs. lol


I’m No Exception

For those of you who follow me know that I enjoy making things out of plastic canvas. My newest adventure is making keychains. I’m really hoping to sell them. Obviously it’s not a money maker by any means, but selling them will give me a little pocket money and will pay for more supplies so that I can make more stuff.

Most of the time when I make something, I have to have a pattern. But lately I’ve been trying to draft my own if they are really easy. I’m not very good at it, but hoping that maybe I can get better. That said, I’d like to bring up the latest craze, Pokemon GO. It’s everywhere, literally! Everywhere I go people are playing the game. People are out walking their dogs, riding bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, etc.. The point is, people are getting out of the house. They want those Pokeballs and Pokemon and retailers are capitalizing on it.

I’m no exception!20160722_152853-1 I’ve started making Pokeball keychains and today I finished my first team Valor logo keychain. I didn’t have a pattern for it, so I had to create one. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, but I used an online tool to help guide me in the right direction for drawing it up and holy smokes, it worked! I’m pretty proud of myself. As soon as I posted it on Facebook I got friends asking if I can make team Instinct. Also my husband’s crew at work all want one, so looks like I’m going to busy making these for awhile. I will try to make, both, team Instinct and team Mystic, too. Though, Mystic looks pretty hard, so we’ll see.

Catching Up

It’s been two years since I’ve blogged last. So much and so little has happened in that time. I’m in the mood to write again. Blogging, I mean. I still do role play writing, though I’m not at the same site anymore. A friend and I started our own. I have some of the same characters, but a few are gone and new ones have found their way into my mind. That said, let’s bring you up to speed. I still have the vampire, Quinn West. This character will always and forever be a constant in my role play. He is by far my favorite and I’ve had him for a good six years, give or take. Gabriel, Christian, Riley, Ethan, and Tucker are all gone. I still have Viktor who is no longer a hybrid, but rather just a demon. In addition to these two, I have five more males. Darius, an alpha werewolf. Luke, an incubus. Cage, my newest vampire. Asher, an archangel. Trez, a shadow. I also have three females. Willow, a necromancer. Rowan, a nephlim (half human/half angel). Shayne, a sympath.

Along with role play, I’m still making stuff out of plastic canvas. I’ll explain that more in a later blog. I spend a fair amount of time throughout the day on social media. I watch a few shows on Netflix, and lately I’ve been playing a game on the PS4 called Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

I will talk about these topics in separate blog posts. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a lot to say about each. I keep myself busy, so I’m hoping to work blogging into my routine. How hard can it be?


A New Thing

For the past three or four years I’ve been doing what is called role-play. Basically it’s creating characters and collaborating with other RP’ers to write stories together. We usually have a main plot as well as mini-plots. This is all done in an online forum. I really enjoy it because I love to read and I love to write and it gives me the freedom to do both. It gets me thinking creatively and helps me to practice my writing.

That said, I’ve decided to blog about my characters here and their progress.  Before I get started I just want to share something with you for those of you who possibly don’t understand how a writers mind works. Last night I was watching an interview thing between J.K. Rowling (the author of the Harry Potter books) and Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter actor). They were talking about the characters and the process of how it all came to be. Well, J.K. Rowling had mentioned how Dumbledore was in the back of her mind and would tell her things. The point of telling you that is that my characters talk to me and I have found out that other writers have the same thing. So, when I discuss my characters and the conversations that might take place, please don’t think I’ve went off the deep end. It’s creativity. And I don’t actually hear voices. It’s what I call getting inside the characters head. In order to write them I need to know how they think. Anyhow, that will be some of what I discuss in my blog. Stay tuned for character introductions.

Character Introductions

Here is a brief introduction to my characters.

Quinn West
This character is based off of a character from the Black Dagger Brotherhood book series. He is my favorite character and the easiest I’ve ever had to write for. I’ve had him for a couple years now. Quinn is a 114yr old vampire who is flirty, arrogant and always looking to add another notch to the bed post. He’s friendly, honest and honorable. He’s also bi-sexual.

Gabriel Johnson
Gabe is a 28 yr old human with the ability of projection. He also has a psychic connection to his younger sister. Gabe is a hard worker and fun loving. He is goofy, outgoing and an all around nice guy. Quite the gentleman. He is a heterosexual.

Christian Cole
Christian is a werewolf from England who is 26 years old. He is based loosely off the character in the book series Fifty Shades of Grey. He is the founder and CEO of CTC International Airlines. Christian is a control freak, but intelligent and hard working.

Riley Nash
Riley is an 18 year old human with the ability to shield. She is laid back, on the quiet side and a sweet girl. She loves playing piano and is in the middle of forming a band.

Ethan Frost
Ethan is a 24 year old hybrid. Half human with the empathy ability and half incubus. Unlike the typical incubus that feeds off sex, Ethan is able to feed off of the emotions of others. He’s a fairly nice guy and outgoing.  He can be a very determined person. Money is his main motivator in life decisions. He has decent manners, but can be selfish at times. He also has no mouth filter. If he thinks it, it comes out and many times he is mistaken for being rude or an ass, but it’s usually not the case.  Ethan is gay.

Viktor Sykes
Viktor is a 24 year old hybrid. He’s half demon and half echidna. He can be friendly but for the most part he’s just an ass. He is selfish and does what ever necessary to get what he wants.

Tucker Fritz
This is my new guy. He is a werewolf that belongs to a pack. He is a submissive wolf who is nice and enjoys pleasing others. He’s very friendly and can get along with most anyone.

Tucker and Viktor are new characters so I’m still getting to know them. The more I blog about my characters, the more you’ll get to know them.

Not trying, just doing

I woke up last Sunday, April 28th. I weighed myself and found that I’d gained 7 more lbs since the last time I had weighed myself (not sure how long it had been, maybe a few weeks). I sat on the toilet (with the seat down) and thought about this situation. I decided things had gotten too far out of control. Something has to change, I told myself. I can’t live like this anymore. I feel like shit. I look like shit (in my opinion). I have to do something! I’m not one for a “diet”. I don’t like the word, it’s an ugly word. To me diet means depriving myself of all the foods I love and most likely will end in failure. No, I’m not doing a “diet”. Instead I thought about what kind of changes in my normal eating habits that I’d be willing to make.

I decided I could do without pop (soda). I drank maybe one can of pop a day. I don’t drink much water (aside from vitamin water, which I love) so instead of pop, I will drink more water. I have to have something with flavor so the vitamin water will provide that need. I usually have a large glass of chocolate milk in the morning when I take my medications. Chocolate milk is my coffee. I’m not willing to go without it, but I did compromise and drink half the glass.

As for food, I am eating most of the food I would normally eat, but taking smaller portions and not going back for seconds. I felt this would be a difficult task mostly because out of habit I would normally just eat more without thinking about it. So to tackle that obstacle, once I’m done eating I sit back and make myself aware that I’m done. I also think to myself, ‘Am I full?’ and ‘Do I really need more?’ The answer is always no and this helps me. I’m also trying to eat slower so I feel the fullness when I’m done. I do not deprive myself of the foods I love, instead I have a small portion or in the case of a candy bar, milkshake, or cake..I will only allow myself to have something like that once a week. Going completely without, I can’t do, but doing it this way, it’s definitely doable.

What I find the most interesting is that in the past I’ve always felt that I was addicted to sugar, and maybe I was, but when I became determined to lose weight I noticed that I stopped craving the sugar. It’s like I flipped a switch in my brain. I guess it boils down to mind over matter.

In addition to these changes, I have dusted off my treadmill and started walking on it for 30 minutes a day. I am happy to report that when I weighed myself this morning I have lost 10 lbs which was my goal. I have A LOT of weight to lose but I’m setting myself small goals so I can feel good when I achieve them and not feel so overwhelmed by the large number.

So that’s it! Small changes in my eating habits and getting some exercise. My frame of mind is that I’m not trying, I’m DOING! My favorite quote that I refer to often is, “You can my excuses or you can make progress, but you cannot do both”. I will make no more excuses, only progress.


Just yesterday I saw my new therapist for the second time. It always bothers me some to get a new therapist because it takes me a little while to get truly comfortable. You might wonder why I got a new one. My first therapist was an intern. My second therapist was a volunteer. This new therapist has been there for five years, so hopefully I won’t have to have another anytime soon.

On my first visit we discussed where I was at in my therapy. We discussed where I had been and where I wanted to go. At the end of the visit she suggested a book for me to read. She offered to make copies of the chapters for me if I couldn’t get the book. She copied for me the introduction and first chapter of the book and asked me to read it to see if I liked it. I love to read, and I’ve been sort-of reading a couple other self-help books that so far I’ve found somewhat boring. Informative, yes, but boring all the same.

This book is called The Joy of Imperfection by Enid Howarth & Jan Tras. The title alone sounded good to me. Needless to say, I went home and read what she’d given me and was instantly engaged and curious to learn more of what these writers had to say. I decided right then to buy the book (which is out of print). I got a used copy from Amazon for $.01 plus shipping and handling for a total of $4.24. Not too shabby!

When I saw my therapist yesterday she asked if I’d read what she gave me. I pretty much cut her off to say how much I enjoyed what she gave me. We then further discussed it. At the end of my session, she copied chapters two, three, and four (I haven’t received my book yet). Today I started reading again. I read the second chapter and the third, but it was something in the third that struck a cord with me. It said, “But when kids are continually judged and corrected, they begin to doubt themselves and see themselves as flawed”(Howarth & Tras). Hmm I wonder if I’m supposed to use in-text citations while blogging? LOL! Anyway…that sentence spoke volumes to me, because that is where it all starts isn’t it? When we are children. The time when we are the most impressionable.

I finished chapter three and at the end it has a little, well in the book it’s called Affirmations. It reads:

I fondly accept my imperfections.
I have fabulous flaws.
My flaws make me unique and therefore priceless.
Love me, love my flaws.
I am greater than any one part of me.
I’m always a partial success.
I’m totally lovable, even though he or she or they don’t love me.
I’m flawed, therefore I am.

I love this!!! I think I will make notes of this and place them around the house so whenever I feel bad about something, I can read this. I think it’ll make me feel better about me.